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Summarized convention for commendableness(the end of 2008)

Date:2009-05-27    【Font:Large Middle Small
    While the recessions exploded all over the world in the year of 2008, we gained obvious effects, since all the stuffs of our company holded together to cooperate, and make arduous efforts under the leading of general manager Chen Hong. And there are a lot of advanced stuffs, sections and teams.
    For making conclusion of the experience, as well as citing the advanced ones, which we organized a program in the year of 2008. Depended on the principle of equitable, honest and exoteric, all stuffs participated active, at last we chose one advanced sections and one teams, as well as five advanced stuffs.
    The result of the selecting is promulgated on the gammed meeting. Through the selecting of the advanced ones, it has been stimulating the enthusiasm of the stuffs’ effectively; all the stuffs wanted to be the advanced one who would be the aim of others. And also this humanized the relation between the stuffs and company.
    In the year of 2009, our company enhanced the management, consummates the promoting mechanism, and also optimized the quality of the products.  Under the leading of our general manager Chen Hong, we take the customs as the hub, the market as guiding, grabbing the opportunity; the sales have breached 10 million as a result, which achieved a good beginning.
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